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Do I need a Server or the Cloud?

So your business is trying to share files between computers, but not sure if it's best to have a server, the cloud, or both. The answer can depend on your environment. If you have client/server software such as QuickBooks or accounting software that is not cloud-based, and it requires a database to be stored on a centralized location, you may want to have a server to share it within your office. However, if you are a medium-size or large firm with multiple office locations, people who work in the field or from home, it may make more sense to utilize the cloud or a hybrid solution.

Many software companies are beginning to offer their software on a cloud platform or in a cloud version, and are moving away from further development of on premises versions of their software. This has allowed many businesses to get rid of their servers, and in some cases downsize or eliminate their datacenters all together.

Logins: Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Microsoft Azure Active Directory) has made it possible to move away from the traditional corporate Active Directory to control logins, group policy has been replaced with Intune. The corporate world is beginning to heavily embrace the cloud.

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