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American Managed IT Services teams up with Vipre Security

You can either pay now or pay later, one person put it. Would you rather keep your network secure or pay later to recover data because it wasn't secure? With a recent event at the Great Jones Distilling Company in New York City, American Managed IT Services teamed up with what we believe to be the best in Cyber Security; Vipre Security.

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Vipre Security comes standard with all MSP contracts

American Managed IT Services is now offering Vipre Security products standard in ALL managed service contracts, whereas before it was an optional add-on.

"Recovering from a cyber-attack can be extremely expensive and frustrating," said American Managed IT Services CEO Mark Angelisanti, "In the event of a cyber-attack inadequate antivirus, firewalls, and backups can lead to catastrophe. You want something reliable and dependable. For us we do not negotiate with hackers. We have a zero-tolerance policy for pay any sum of money to cyber criminals. This is why we ensure your network is backed up, protected from attack, and employees are educated on preventing cyber-attacks with appropriate training. We are thankful that Vipre helps provide these services to our clients!"

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